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Craig Mitchell


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Finger of God                                    Supporting                               Tom Calloway

Searching for Ron Ficus                   Supporting                                Alexander Enberg

Dozers                                               Supporting                               Don Adams

The Lazy Assassin                           Starring                                    Aisle 7 Prods.

Take Out                                            Starring                                   Rob Graydon



Tosh.0                                                 Co-Star                                   Comedy Central

Boston Legal                                       Co-Star                                   ABC-TV

The Sopranos                                      Co-Star                                   HBO

1/2 Hour Network (Pilot)                       Starring                                 Comedy Central

Saturday Night Live                              Co-Star                                 NBC-TV

Roger Corman Presents                       Co-Star                                 TMC

 THEATER (Los Angeles)

Speed                                            “The Odd Couple”                 Norris Theater        

Bob Ewell                                      "To Kill a Mockingbird"          Gothic Productions

Max                                               "Laughter on the 23rd Floor" Luccan Productions

Krojack                                          "Don't Drink the Water"         Glendale Centre Theatre

Big Jule                                          "Guys and Dolls"                  Glendale Centre Theatre

Smokey                                          "Damn Yankees"                  Glendale Centre Theatre

Sitting Bull                                      "Annie Get Your Gun"          Candlelight Pavilion

Abromowitz                                    "Murder Plot"                        West Valley Playhouse


THEATER (New York)

Paul                                              "Murder/Howard Johnson's"        Broadhollow Theater

Ivan                                               "Art"                                             Arena Theatre

Melvin P. Thorpe                           "Best Li'l /Whorehouse"               Broadhollow Theater

Earthquake                                   "Li'l Abner"                                     Broadhollow Theater

Barney                                           "Last of the Red Hot Lovers”      Arena Theater

Ira Stone                                        "Laughter on the 23rd Floor"      Arena Theater



Trump Castle-Atlantic City, NJ              The Trop Stop-Atlantic City, NJ

The Comic Strip-New York, NY             Stand Up NY-New York, NY

Dangerfields, New York, NY                  Catch-A-Rising Star, New York, NY

The Comedy Express                             Falling Rock Zone

SPECIAL SKILLS: Professional Santa, Juggling, Drive's Standard Shift, Greenbelt in Ju Jitsu, Baseball, Softball, Bowling, Golf, Football, Billiards, Ping Pong. Assistant Chief Engineer U.S.S. Excalibur,  DIALECTS: Russian, Southern (Hillbilly).     

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